About B.TRIBE®



Moisturizes from the inside and outside

B.TRIBE® is a logical skin care brand that brings changes to your skin by making full use of unique penetration technology *1 “NtDDS *2 ” that revolutionizes beauty . B.TRIBE® was created with the desire to develop care products that use the highest quality naturally derived ingredients and the latest scientific technology, and to help you experience the beauty of your skin through the harmony of science and senses .

*1 Into the stratum corneum
*2 New transdermal Direct Delivery System


“Logic to deliver impressive aging care”

B.TRIBE®’s unique penetration technology ※1

NtDDS (New transdermal Direct Delivery System)

The skin possesses a natural barrier function, acting as a defense mechanism against the intrusion of foreign substances. As long as this barrier function exists, achieving deep penetration of typical skincare ingredients into the skin has been a challenging task.
However, with our unique penetration technology, ‘NtDDS,’ we are able to break new ground in the realm of beauty.

※1Into the stratum corneum

Penetration image

Vitamin C is originally colorless and transparent, and the technology that does not oxidize is “NtDDS”

Our company focuses on research and development of “NtDDS” technology and pursues continuous technological innovation.

Ritsumeikan University BKC Incubator/R&D Center

Five types of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients are coated with oil layer nanocapsules using B.TRIBE® technology.

B.Beauty ingredients contained in TRIBE®

*1. Ascorbyl Mg phosphate (skin conditioning) *2. Tocopherol acetate (moisturizing) *3. Glucosylceramide (moisturizing) *4. Water-soluble proteoglycan (moisturizing) *5. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (moisturizing)

B.TRIBE® Skin Care Theory
Maximizes the protective function and regenerative power of the skin

<Formulation technology>
Enables formulation of water-soluble/polymer ingredients without oxidation using nanocapsules

<Delivery technology>
Nanocapsules reach the deep layers of the skin while adjusting the skin’s barrier function.

<Penetration technology>
Oil-coated capsules reach the deep layers of the skin and are dispersed, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate into every corner.