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Moisturizes from the inside and outside

We aspire to become beautiful effortlessly, like breathing every day. Amidst the hustle of daily life, we desire to handle our beauty with care. From within and without, we deliver the natural radiance of the skin.
Born from the blessings of the earth and cutting-edge science, B.TRIBE®’s skin aesthetics.


Beauty oil

While adjusting the skin’s barrier function, the oil permeates vertically and is nano-dispersed within the stratum corneum. Controls the oil balance of sebum for poreless and firm skin.

B.TRIBE Serum Water

The first drop prepares to introduce moisture, and after 8 seconds, apply the second drop to moisturize. Experience moisturized skin with a supple feel and a long-lasting lotion that changes.

Beauty serum

A beauty serum that people who are concerned about the firmness of their aging skin should try. It moisturizes and balances water retention with ceramides within the stratum corneum, making your skin firm and elastic.

B.TRIBE Eye Cream
eye cream

Recommended for those who have thin and delicate skin around their eyes and who are concerned about dryness, fine lines, dullness, and sagging skin. Intensive care around the eyes and mouth with a ceramide mix that conditions and moisturizes the skin.

B.TRIBE Sleeping Mask
face cream

A veil of replenishing moisture rises. Night care that guides the skin’s inherent moisturizing mechanism towards a healthy, plump, and resilient complexion while you sleep.

B.TRIBE Serum Water trial size

The first drop prepares for the introduction of moisture, and after 8 seconds, apply the second drop. And moisturize. Experience the elasticity and moisturizing effect of the changing lotion on your skin.

Anticipation/ Expectation/Realization


・The blessings of the earth, the power of plants, the kindness of nature, “Japanese and Chinese ingredients” and “science” based on scientific evidence
・Genderless, regardless of age or gender
・Japanese and Chinese ingredients from Kumamoto Prefecture,
 mugwort leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, lavender flower extract

Mugwort leaf extract

rosemary leaf extract

lavender flower extract


“So that everyone can use it with peace of mind”
Unique formulation technology, formulas that match the function and purpose,
taking into account gentleness and safety for the skin

7 kinds of additive-free/free


“Unique penetration technology *1 and prescription balance of beauty ingredients”
B.TRIBE®’s unique penetration technology “NtDDS *2 ”

*1 Up to the stratum corneum
*2 NtDDS New transdermal Direct Delivery System


We deliver impressive anti-aging care using our unique penetration technology .

B.TRIBE® is a unique logical skin care brand that aims to provide skin care that you can experience and feel using the unique penetration technology NtDDS.


B.How to use TRIBE®

We will introduce you to the skin diagnosis check sheet, starting with how to use B.TRIBE®.
Please find the usage method that suits you according to your skin type and concerns.