Q1 Is there an effective way to use serum water (lotion)?

You will feel moisturized after using it once, but if you apply it again after 8 seconds, you will experience a firmer feel on your skin. This serum water (lotion) changes over time and you can enjoy the changes.

Q2 Why is eye cream pink?

The reason for the pink color is the unique color of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12*), a natural ingredient contained in the product. This vitamin B12 has the effect of keeping your skin healthy and in good condition.

*What is vitamin B12?
Vitamin B12 plays a role in controlling melanin production, reduces pigmentation and age spots, activates cells, and can be expected to reduce skin problems and redness.

Q3 The oil has solidified, what should I do?

The oil used in B.TRIBE is jojoba oil that meets strict organic standards. Jojoba oil may solidify at low temperatures, but this is a natural property of jojoba oil and there is no problem in using it. If it hardens, don’t worry, you can use it just by returning it to room temperature.

Q4 Please tell me how to use the sleeping mask.

The recommended method of use is to apply the eye cream to the areas of concern, and then apply the sleeping mask to the entire face. Similarly, it can be used after oils, serum waters, serums, etc.

Q5 How often should I use serum?

As for how often to use the serum, it is ideal to incorporate it into your daily skin care routine, but we also recommend using it on special days or as a weekend special care.