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Beauty oil

Oil helps regulate the skin’s barrier function, penetrates vertically, and disperses in the inner layer of the stratum corneum. It controls the oil balance, resulting in poreless and firm skin.

B.TRIBE Serum Water

The first drop prepares the skin for moisture, wait 8 seconds, apply the second drop for additional hydration. Experience the supple texture and long-lasting moisture to transform your skin.

Beauty serum

A serum designed for those concerned about sagging skin due to aging. Experience this serum, which enhances moisture and hydration balance by working within the stratum corneum, leading to a resilient and firm complexion.

B.TRIBE Eye Cream
Eye cream

Recommended for those concerned about dryness, fine lines, dullness, and sagging around the delicate and thin skin of the eye area. Concentrated care for the eye and mouth areas with a ceramide blend for skin texture improvement and moisture.

B.TRIBE Sleeping Mask
Face cream

A veil of replenishing moisture rises. Nighttime care guides the skin’s inherent moisturizing mechanism towards a healthy, plump, and resilient complexion while you sleep.

B.TRIBE Serum Water trial size

The first drop prepares the skin for moisture introduction. After an 8-second pause, apply the second drop. Feel the suppleness and experience the transforming moisture of this lotion on your skin.